Ice cream
and dairy

Regardless of how it’s served, ice cream remains one of the world’s most popular “goodies”, with virtually no limits in its taste diversity. And the situation is similar with dairy and yogurt products, as well as with topping sauces.

Expertise you can taste

Our many years of expertise in the development of flavours for ice cream make us your ideal project partner for frozen products. Apart from that we can also provide you with technical know-how in the flavoured milk and the milk-mix beverage segment.

Creamy innovations with fruit content

The flavouring of dairy, yogurt and fruit preparations represents a very special challenge. UHT/HTST treatments and interactions with milk bases and fruit are tested thoroughly in our Technical Centre.
Our development team also focuses on the conception of topping sauces and stabilising agent mixtures for ice cream production.

Our products & services

AKRAS Flavours supports you in the application of:

• juice bases
• Top Note flavours
• flavours for fruit preparations
• enhancement and masking flavours
• the overall concept of flavouring solutions

AKRAS Flavours is constantly creating new flavours and flavouring systems for the ice cream and beverages industries, ensuring that your product becomes a top taste favourite!