“The development of custom-made products and taste innovations for the food and beverage industry has been our business for many years. And we are proud of that.”

Akras – A family history with taste

We would like to share our passion for flavours and do our part to make the world a little tastier. This was true 80 years ago and still is today. We started with the extraction and distillation of herbs and plants in 1938. Building on this expertise, our company developed over a period of more than eight decades into what it is today: an internationally successful producer of flavourings and beverage ingredients.


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AKRAS was founded by Anton Krasny and was initially run purely as a retail business. But soon a team of distillers developed essences. AKRAS became a production operation specializing in distillates, extracts, and essences for the food industry.


Heinz Krasny took over the company management. The business activity gradually grew to include ingredients and emulsions, and the distribution network was expanded to include partners and branch offices around the world.



AKRAS relocated its headquarters from Vienna to Lower Austria (Biedermannsdorf), in the industrial center south of Vienna. Technological innovations and major upgrades are always in progress.



AKRAS expanded its drying technology area and invested in a state-of-the-art spray drying plant.



The company came under the management of Martin Krasny, the third generation of the family. AKRAS Flavours became a key international player in the flavour sector. A team made up of skilled and dedicated employees researches and develops flavour solutions for international customers on a daily basis.



AKRAS Flavours opened a second production plant in Bangalore (India), enabling it to satisfy the steadily rising demand in the Asian market.


We are still growing! We constructed another production and storage facility at the Austrian headquarters, thus doubling the capacity in the beverage emulsions and ingredients area. State-of-the-art logistics systems are being introduced for processing. With more than 17 subsidiaries and partners, AKRAS Flavours is now an internationally successful producer of flavourings. And with each new fragrance and flavour, we are striving to add even more vitality to our legacy and our senses.