“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”

Vegan Coffee Based Drinks

Vegan alternatives to milk are highly demanded. Coconut, hemp, pea – you name it! There is huge range of possibilities. They are also used in our refreshing (iced) coffee drinks and more and more are becoming attractive sales arguments rather than only substitutes.

Coffee drinks are undergoing a lively change. While they used to have the image of drinking it during a traditional coffee party, they are now a product that is highly in trend for the young generation. In combination with this, a plant-based diet is also becoming increasingly popular and is often categorized under the “clean eating” trend.

The aspect of sustainability is one big factor why vegan coffee based drinks are becoming so popular. Also, many health benefits that coffee holds in, are eradicated when consumed in combination with animal milk, which is why consumers are increasingly turning to coffees with vegetable milk.

One of the biggest trends in the beverage industry is conscious consumption with responsibility, which makes the rise of alternatives to animal milk products is evident. A vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, which increasingly promotes the trend. In addition, lactose intolerance is more and more being detected in people, who are then also reaching for vegan alternatives. Beverage producers who offer vegan coffee-based drinks can advertise by supporting the trend for “peace food” and “soul food” in order to set an example against climate change and the mass animal husbandry industry. Millennials love that!

We at AKRAS Flavours offer a wide range of alternatives to animal milk for your coffees and an individual solution for your products. For a fascinating taste experience on a purely plant-based basis.