“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”

Fermented Beverages

Rediscovering traditional, natural processing methods are a big trend and the consumer’s appetite for beverages made from fermented raw materials is growing steadily. Cider, Kombucha & Co. speak for themselves with their fine aroma and pleasant acids.

So what do the customers want? Healthy and natural! The trend is more and more towards natural products to improve health while traditional “fake-tasting” drinks are becoming increasingly unpopular. Fermented drinks are a tasty alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks. They contain raw materials that are produced with living microorganisms. A decisive buying motive due to their traditional component.

Lifestyle, beauty, sustainability, mindfulness – these are just a few key words that need to be considered when it comes to product development in the beverage industry in order to be successful. In today’s world, it is no longer enough when certain taboo ingredients are not included in the drink. More than that, beverages must be produced in a sustainable and natural way to attract young and modern consumers. Drinks with natural and plant-based ingredients are the winners of today and tomorrow!

The AKRAS Flavours team not only has an excellent sense of taste and smell, but also a good feel for what consumers want and need.  Refine your products with our flavours that are tailor-made for your customers. With us as your partner, you can achieve fascinating flavour combinations to inspire your customers.