“The development of custom-made products and taste innovations for the food and beverage industry has been our business for many years. And we are proud of that.”

Quality For Successful Foods

Our highly qualified experts enable us to ensure the high quality and food safety of our products every day. Internally as well as externally, our processes undergo continuous re-evaluation, testing, and adaptation to current standards.


We implement the sensitivity regulations for food producers via high standards in documentation and labelling, as well as via in-depth examinations in our implemented HACCP Concept.

Periodic ELISA allergen monitoring and external validations serve as confirmation of our risk assessments for cross contamination.


We are an IFS-certified company and go beyond the legally required traceability of all raw materials and packaging materials used in the products.

We are convinced that the IT-supported tools of our own design ensure traceability within a few minutes and thus contribute substantially to safety.


Sustainable foods and health-conscious nutrition are components of our identity. Our diverse offering of flavourings for organic products also includes a large number of certified commodities.

According to legislative requirements, organic certified products must be GMO-free. Our comprehensive experience in this area has made us experts on natural flavourings. All of our organic certifications are available on the Austria Bio Garantie website.