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Throwback – AKRAS at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

Another successful event of AKRAS Flavours in Dubai
At Gulfood Manufacturing, Akras Flavours presented new trends in the beverage and confectionery industry. Special concepts tailored to the region and the Middle East received enthusiastic feedback from customers.

AKRAS at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

AKRAS Flavours at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023
Visits AKRAS Flavours at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai and find out more about our new product concepts and innovative flavours. Visit us from the 7th to 9th November at the Dubai World Trade Centre, in Hall 6, at booth number D6-28 and discover AKRAS latest beverages and flavours. Explore new vegan drink concepts including our innovative non dairy cream creations. And even more exciting new products in innovative malt drinks and new trends in functional drinks.

AKRAS at Brau Beviale 2023

AKRAS Flavours at Brau Beviale 2023
We are at the BrauBeviale in Nuernberg for the first time! We will showcase innovative Beverage Trends and extraordinary flavour combinations as well as creations for “Beer Water”. A refreshing new summer beer creation with sparling water for hydration and delicious grapefruit flavour. Find us from the 28th to 30th November at the Exhibition Centre Nuernberg, in Hall 1, at booth number 1-1539 and discover AKRAS newest product concepts.

Throwback – AKRAS at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

Another successful event of AKRAS Flavours in Dubai
The Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition in Dubai is always a very good opportunity to present new market trends but to also explore trends. Among many other product concepts, AKRAS Flavours presented a Happy Gut Drink, black lime soda, various vegan confectionary trends and much more!

8th Conference on Beverage Technology

8th AKRAS conference on beverage technology
Once again AKRAS organized a very exclusive seminar in the heart of Vienna, Austria. The seminar was held in Le Méridien Vienna from the 8th to 9th September 2022.
We were pleased to have experts from various fields of the beverage technology to hold a lecture.

AKRAS at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

AKRAS Flavours at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022
AKRAS Flavours at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai with innovative flavors and product concepts
Among many other product concepts, you will see a Creamy Good Gut Soda, a black lime in its best form as a soda, vegan, low carb but high protein bars with an extraordinary flavour combination and various sweets with flavours perfectly adjusted for the Middle East market.

AKRAS donates for humanitarian aid in Ukraine

In the name of the whole AKRAS team, we donate 5,000 euro to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The donation will be distributed through the charity organization „Nachbar in Not“ (Neighbours in Need) through the fundraising campaign „Help for Ukraine“ to help those people who are affected by the war.

AKRAS at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021

AKRAS Flavours, as a leading international manufacturer for flavours and compounds presented a wide range of innovative product solutions for the food and beverage industry. AKRAS showcased new concepts for post – COVID beverages and immunity drinks.

Find AKRAS at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021 in Dubai

November 7th-9th 2021, Dubai World Trade Center
Stand: Sheikh Saeed Halls S2-D22

AKRAS will be exhibiting once again at the Gulfood Manufacturing 2021 in Dubai with pioneering products and concepts. The Gulfood exhibition is regarded as the Middle East´s  largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition.

AKRAS FLAVOURS presents new beverage trend HARD TEA

AKRAS FLAVOURS presents a new beverage concept Hard Tea. The beverage is inspired by the megastar of the alcoholic beverage segment – the Hard Seltzers.

AKRAS FLAVOURS presents Gelatine-free Fruity Chewy Drops

AKRAS FLAVOURS developed together with D&F Drouven GmbH and Norevo, gelatine-free Fruity Chewy Gums in various flavours and flavour combinations with exceptional sensoral experience.

Strengthening ZDS Membership

We at AKRAS proudly strenghten our membership with ZDS and are pleased to provide our flavours to the confectionery industry professionals of tomorrow.

AKRAS Flavours Vegan Gums Confectionery Plant-Based Trend Thumbnail

AKRAS presents new concept of “Vegan Fruit Gums”

Veganism. The New Mainstream.

Together with D&F Drouven GmbH, AKRAS developed innovative vegan fruit gums with yoghurt flavour. A market revolution in the confectionary segment.

AKRAS Flavours at Gulfood Manufacturing 2020


Fascinating taste especially developed for the Middle East

Vegan gums with sweet oriental taste, beverages with the energizing cascara extract, the Gamer Drink and many more – innovative products with a trend for the future – in line with the company slogan „fascinating. taste. performance.“. AKRAS will be exhibiting once again at the Gulfood Manufacturing 2020 in Dubai with pioneering products.

AKRAS presents the new concept of “Gamer Drinks”

A new era for functional drinks in the emerging segment of gaming & e-sports.

The growth of e-sports or video game culture in general also opened new doors for the beverage industry. Gamers need high focus, fast reactions and long periods of concentration with the relevant health and brain food or vitamins.

AKRAS Flavours Hard Seltzer Beverage Trend 2

AKRAS presents the trend product “Hard Seltzer”

A drink from the USA, which is experiencing a boom worldwide

Hard seltzer drinks are already well known in the USA, AKRAS is now launching the concept on the domestic market. Refreshing and alcoholic – a sparkling, ready-to-drink drink that is experiencing a huge boom worldwide.

AKRAS Flavours – Portrait 2020

An internationally successful producer of flavours and beverage bases in Biedermannsdorf – the certain extra in food

AKRAS Flavours is a family-run company from Austria that has been researching, developing and producing flavours and raw materials for food and beverages for more than 80 years. “We want to share our passion for flavours and contribute to giving the world a little more taste,” says managing director Martin Krasny.

AKRAS offers sustainable vanilla flavours – Innovation with Taste!

The queen of spices revamped – an alternative to expensive vanilla beans

They are popular and they are expensive – the purchase price of vanilla beans rose dramatically only within a few years. From around 30 euros, the price level rose to the current level of around 500 euros.

AKRAS takes an important step towards sustainability

Reduction of emissions through the new gas-fired steam generator

“Environmental protection is one of the five supporting pillars of the AKRAS corporate philosophy. With the commissioning of the new steam boiler, we are technologically up-to-date and a significant ‘green’ step towards sustainable production has been taken”, says CEO Dr. Martin Krasny on the completion of the construction project after several months.

AKRAS focuses on the naturalness of all ingredients

New thermal concentration plant for natural extracts

AKRAS focuses on the naturalness of all ingredients and offers a comprehensive range of natural products. In order to be able to recover the solvents and offer solvent-free extracts of the highest quality, the company invested in a state-of-the-art thermal concentration plant in 2019.

AKRAS expands its spray drying capacities by 400 tons of powder per year

Commissioning of a VSD tower as first aroma producer in Austria

AKRAS already has three state-of-the-art drying plants on which flavours, fruit powders or functional ingredients can be encapsulated. At the end of November 2019, a further state-of-the-art VSD spray tower will be commissioned in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for encapsulated flavours and to significantly expand capacities and market position.

AKRAS – 80 years flavoured with fascination

The rise of AKRAS – 80 years ago

“To me, then and now, Akras is a family-run company with a high sense of responsibility and reliability. The traditional values of an entrepreneur of the past have developed into a competitive factor in the globalisation of the food industry.” – Dr. Martin Krasny, CEO of AKRAS

AKRAS Folder

Flavoured with Fascination

AKRAS Flavours is a leading Austrian company in flavourings and beverage solutions. As a family run business, AKRAS Flavours has more than 80 years of experience and technical know how. With two production plants and various

AKRAS Flavours India Team

AKRAS presents new production site in India

Expansion for AKRAS India

The global flavour producer from Austria invests in new premises for its site in India. AKRAS India acquires a 12,000 m² building site in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India – a plot of land around industrial land near Bangalore. At the end of 2018, the production facility with the highest quality requirements of the flavour industry will go into operation.

AKRAS launches tasty hop extracts for alcohol-free enjoyment

A new aroma series of natural hop extracts for fascinating taste notes

Consumers are demanding more and more variety, exceptional taste and high-quality options. The experts at AKRAS have addressed these demands and are introducing a new flavour series of natural hop extracts for non-alcoholic beverages.

AKRAS presents new distribution partner in Nigeria

More market reach and presence in cooperation with BDL

In order to cover the ever-increasing demand, AKRAS starts a cooperation with a new distribution partner in Nigeria. BDL Biochemical Derivatives Ltd. in Nigeria was founded by Mr. Sobo Onasanva and has been distributing vitamins for many years with DSM Nutrition, a world-leading manufacturer.

AKRAS presents innovative starch-based emulsions

The times of highly turbid TiO2 in beverages are over

In addition to clear protein drinks, ARKAS launches new starch-based emulsions for highly turbid beverages that are suitable for PET filling. PET-fruits are high in trend! Beverages with low juice content in the non-carbonated or carbonated segment – colourful and fresh in the practical PET bottle.

AKRAS doubled production capacity in India

Demand in the Indian flavor market is growing steadily

The demand for powdered and dried aroma products is steadily increasing. For this reason, AKRAS doubles its production capacity at its site in India. Now, quantities of up to several tons can be produced daily. This investment is a positive sign for our strong growth in the Indian flavour market.

AKRAS presents more naturalness through AkraCloud™

AkraCloud™ – The natural turbidity and taste solution for beverages

Clear concepts around naturalness are becoming a major competitive factor. For this reason, AKRAS has been working in recent years on the development of a new, natural clouding agent for use in low-juice beverages.

AKRAS presents natural taste and colour through Akrafruit Crystals

Clean Label Trend – high demands for transparency

AKRAS Flavours introduces the innovative Akrafruit Crystals. Akrafruit Crystals are produced from fruit juice concentrate or fruit pulp by means of modern, state-of-the-art spray technology (Fluidised Spray Drying). The particle size guarantees a dust-free processing. The fruit stands for natural taste and colour.