“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”

Malt Drinks

A drink that tastes like the preferred type of beer, but without alcohol? Grains, pure water and a wide range of flavour recipes ensure an authentic taste experience. A drink that has huge demand on certain ethnic markets.

Malt drinks are often associated with a healthier lifestyle. With the ever-increasing trend towards natural products and wellness, the need for malt drinks are increasing. A fascinating combination of natural malt extracts and flavours, rich in vitamins and nutritional values. Think about the Millennials. They love a conscious diet!

Beverages without alcohol are experiencing an evolution in the food industry. Consumers are demanding more variety, exceptional taste and high quality options. While sales of alcoholic beverages will decline in the future, non-alcoholic beverages will catch up.

You can take advantage of this trend by contributing to a healthy society. As a globally active flavour producer with many years of experience in the beverage industry, we have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of various trends, markets and developments and are constantly monitoring them. Whether you want it fruity or spicy or trendy or traditional – we at AKRAS Flavours are your reliable partner in developing the perfect product solution for malt drinks that is best received by your target group.