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AKRAFLOWRevolution in Spray Drying

Optimum flowability and solubility in diverse mixing processes and final products: AKRAFLOW flavourings are produced by a special drying process as part of a modified spray drying technique. We boost performance in both the process and the product with AKRAFLOW.

Benefits of AKRAFLOW flavourings

  • dissolve extremely fast in cold water
  • flow very well
  • feature flexible granule sizes (particle sizes between 100 and 800 μm)
  • are packed with flavour
  • are produced in a single process step

Direct full flavour

The extremely fast solubility of AKRAFLOW brings about a rapid release of the flavouring. In addition, end consumers enjoy an immediate, full-bodied, unique taste experience when they use this product. Our products boost performance and minimize dust pollution during the process. The drying process is optimized and flavour loss from heat is avoided or minimized so that the volatile flavourings are not lost during spray drying (fluidized spray dried).

Fascinatingly flavourful

AKRAFLOW is designed to provide controlled release of flavourings, optimized flowability and processability, and also the greatest possible encapsulation of volatile flavouring substances.

AKRAFLOW flavourings are ideally suited for:

  • instant beverages
  • instant desserts
  • instant soups
  • dry mixes