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Hard Seltzer

Alcohol with little sugar, low in calories and a lot of water – millennials love that! Hard Seltzer drinks are driving the total ready-to-drink category, making it the fastest-growing beverage alcohol category. A trend, that will have a huge impact on the alcoholic beverage market in the upcoming years.

Why Hard Seltzer is having such a boom? Many people like to consume alcohol, but do not like do drink beer. Many like beer but are looking for an option with less calories. And even cocktail-lovers are liking the Hard Seltzer drinks. An alcoholic beverage, that is refreshing and full of taste! As a plus, it comes in a trendy packaging, that makes it even more appealing for the younger generation. Tasty and trendy!

The bubbly, ready-to-drink beverage is not just a passing fad. Whether with vodka, rum, tequila or other liquors – Hard Seltzer fans are rapidly increasing.

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