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Hard Tea

What we know for sure, is that three things are on the rise in the beverage segment: naturalness, no-to-low sugar and Hard Seltzer. And with naturalness, in this case, we mean offering consumers natural energy from plant-based sources. It is not only the hard tea beverages that are gaining popularity but also the hard coffee beverages.

A Hard Tea is nothing else than tea-based water with any flavour of your choice with low alcohol content and no-to-low sugar. Hard Tea products are seen mostly in the US and some newcomers in Canada and Europe.  According to the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the volume of hard tea products grew by 25.9% in the US. If hard tea continues on this trajectory, the IWSR predicts that the category will further grow by 46.4% in volume between 2021 and 2025.

We at AKRAS developed different variations of Hard Tea beverages for your portfolio. Contact our experts to get to know more about the trend of Hard Tea.