“The food market is dynamic and competitive. Accordingly, consumers have high expectations in terms of refreshment and functionality. We have taken on the task of fulfilling these expectations. With our highly skilled team of beverage technologists, we guarantee innovations, develop successful concepts and enable their implementation in production.”

NEARWATER – Taste Performance for Waters

Near water products are refreshments made from natural mineral water for health-conscious consumers. The global demand for water on-the-go or bottled water is opening up new segments such as enhanced waters or vitamin-waters. New categories, for which we already have the necessary technical expertise.

The growth engine

Near-water refreshments are the answer for consumers wishing to combine sufficient hydration with diverse flavours.
We are experts in the development of essences, extracts and flavourings, which can be used to impart unique, custom tastes to many mineral water-based beverages. Besides our Flavour Research Team offers comprehensive advice on packaging and off-flavour analysis.

Water plus function

In addition to flavoured mineral water, we prepare special water concepts with vitamin enrichment and functional ingredients. An example of such are vitamin waters, which cross the barrier between near-water and functional beverage.

Easy and sugar-reduced success

Sugar consumption is on the rise worldwide, and we are making a significant contribution toward reducing it. Our Akrafy© masking technologies and modifying flavourings contribute significantly to optimum sensory properties of near-water and sugar-free products.