“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”


Consumer behaviour is constantly changing; new trends and developments shape society. AKRAS Market Analytics takes a critical look at global trends and provides the industry with invaluable options for action. To fulfil this task, we cooperate with experts in science and consumer research. Join us as we take a look at the megatrends in the food industry.


Sugar Reduction

The increasing global consumption of sugar is leading to far-reaching health consequences, which are described as civilization diseases (diabetes, obesity). Trade partners and industry as well as national initiatives and NGOs are using diverse means to fight for sugar reduction. We provide solutions for helping to reduce sugar consumption in society.



For young consumers, the sustainability of foods and resource-conserving production are key factors in purchasing decisions. Foods are valuable, and consumers are placing higher premiums on sustainable products. We offer a range of resource-conserving alternatives for supporting the trend toward sustainable nutrition.



Consumers differentiate more and more in terms of the origin of the ingredients of their foods. They value detailed information and expect reliable labelling and wording. Our answer to this wish for regionality is flexible formulations that stand for credible, authentic taste and delight with their flavours.



Functional foods in familiar or new presentation forms stimulate the buying interest of consumers through additional benefits and healthy added value. We deal intensively with the demands of the market, provide support with diverse flavour solutions and develop custom, coherent concepts.



The snacks of today no longer serve exclusively as a means for quick, practical food intake. They entice with healthy ingredients and thanks to original concepts, they also promise stimulating and enjoyable refreshment. We fulfil the various requirements, and our innovative encapsulation methods guarantee fragrance and flavour stability.


Clean Label

Ingredients that are familiar and easily found on the label: among consumers there is increasing demand for self-explanatory ingredients, even in industrially produced foods. The consequence: E-numbers are out, understandable lists of ingredients are in! We are working side by side with the food industry in order to fulfil the high demands for transparency along the entire process chain.



Whether it’s because of altered societal values as a consequence of climate change and raw material scarcity or whether it’s because of personal purchasing decisions, consumers are increasingly turning to natural foods. Clear concepts with respect to organic products and the like are becoming a competitive factor. We place paramount importance on the naturalness of all ingredients and we offer an extensive assortment of certified organic quality products.



Supplying the steadily growing world population with sufficiently healthy and affordable nourishment is one of the biggest challenges facing the food industry. With pioneering sensory developments, we are doing our part to promote the use of alternative vegetable protein sources.