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Fruity Chewy Drops

Chewy texture profiles are continuing to dominate the market globally. Consumers seek for candy products that offer unusual colours, popping candy, hot and spicy options, and even cooling effects. We at AKRAS FLAVOURS developed together with D&F Drouven GmbH and Norevo, gelatine-free Fruity Chewy Gums in various flavours and flavour combinations with exceptional sensoral experience.

Fruity Chewy Drops are due to their balanced composition of sugar, glucose syrup and fat, ideal for a wide variety of flavours, e.g. in die fruity or sour direction, such as orange, strawberry, banana or cola – or in the sweet direction, such as chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, nougat or licorice.

Fruity Chewy Drops make great functional confections. Why? Because the Fruity Chewy Drops have a special matrix, they are perfect for incorporating functional additives, such as vitaminization, achieving effects (sour effects or effervescent effects) or a coating of color pigments. You can also add a cooling effect with menthol or with AkraCool Flavours.

Interesting combinations with additives such as yoghurt powder, whey powder or protein powder are also part of our innovations.

As a highlight, you can add fruit juice content for the declaration. AKRAS has fruit juice bases or dry fruit powders for this purpose, which can be stored very well.