“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”


Our innovation team at AKRAS Market Analytics is even now opening up possibilities for the products of tomorrow. On the basis of megatrends, the future developments in the beverage industry can be predicted with the aid of in-depth market research and expertise. You will benefit from our rapid reaction and flexibility in custom developments.


Hard Seltzer

Alcohol with less sugar, less calories and more water – millennials love that! Hard Seltzer Drinks are making a shift in the ready to drinks alcoholic beverage category. A trend that will have huge impact on the alocoholic beverage market in the next years.

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Gamer Drink

With 2.5bn people indulging in videogaming, there is a growing demand for functional drinks particularly developed for Gamers. The right vitamins and sufficient amount of energy to keep them fueled during their gaming sessions!

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Herbal Drinks

Herbal Drinks carry amazing health benefits and thus are getting more and more popular amongst health conscious consumers. There are many plants which are known for their antiviral and antibacterial properties. We at AKRAS developed various plant-based product concepts for beverages for times of Covid19 or also for the annual influenza epidemics.

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Crafted Beverages

When it comes to beverages, Generation Z likes things pure and traditional! Brewed refreshment beverages are characterized by partially fermented or simply brewed ingredients. Botanicals such as herbs, flowers or roots guarantee exciting new taste experiences.

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Vegan Coffee Based Drinks

Whether coconut, hemp or peas – Vegan alternatives to milk are in demand, and the possibilities are numerous! Vegetable flavour enhancers are also used in the popular (ice) coffee beverages and metamorphosize from mere substitute materials into compelling sales arguments.

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Hemp Drinks

Lemonade, radlers, sparkling wines – tangy or flowery hemp now defines the flavour of very diverse beverages. Whether the desired flavour is obtained from flowers or seeds, from extracts or distillates ultimately comes down to legal regulations.

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Fermented Beverages

Rediscovering traditional, natural processing methods has become a trend; the need of consumers for beverages from fermented raw materials is on the rise. With exquisite flavour, pleasant bitterness and a healthy effect, ciders, kombuchas and the like speak for themselves.

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Malt Drinks

A beverage that tastes like the most popular beer varieties, but which is totally alcohol-free? Grain varieties, pure water and diverse flavour formulations guarantee an authentic taste experience that is very much in demand, particularly on ethnic markets.

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PET Fruit

Great looking and stable compounds and bases with low juice concentration and an unbelievable diversity of possible combinations of fruit juices – it’s no wonder that the colourful low juice content beverages are so popular. Special and stable ingredients make them a veritable feast for the eyes, even in the transparent PET bottle.

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Freshly Brewed Tea

In addition to tap water and mineral water, health-conscious consumers prefer teas and infusions for quenching their thirst. The tea beverages preferred today offer full flavour, are unsweetened, and thus deliberately set themselves apart from standard ice teas.

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Glucose Drinks

Special mixtures and sugar types give genuine power in the twinkling of an eye! Fruit sugar (or glucose) is currently experiencing a renaissance. As a natural ingredient, it not only gives conveys a full-bodied sweetness to sports drinks and functional beverages, but also supplies the target group with the energy that they desire.

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Protein Drinks

Amino acids that are not produced by the human body itself but are essential for its functioning can be supplied through food. What makes it easy for consumers are BCAA und EAA drinks in fascinating flavours and a spirit of the age image.

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Vegan Fruit Gums

The vegan trend is experiencing a global boom that drives new product innovations across every food category. Looking at the snack trends, vegan gummy candies are high on the list.

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The global cider market is growing faster than any other category in the alcoholic beverage market in the course of the last five years. Companies producing cider beverages experience new market opportunities by investing in innovative flavours, organic ingredients and healthier recipes with a low-alcohol and low-sugar content as well.

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Fruity Chewy Drops

Candies with chewy textures are very popular in the confectionery segment. Consumers want unusual colours, flavours and various effects, such as popping or cooling effects. AKRAS FLAVOURS has therefore developed gelatine-free (vegan!) Fruity Chewy Drops in various flavour combinations with an extraordinary sensory experience.

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Hard Tea

What we know for sure, is that three things are on the rise in the beverage segment: naturalness, no-to-low sugar and Hard Seltzer. And with naturalness, in this case, we mean offering consumers natural energy from plant-based sources. It is not only the hard tea beverages that are gaining popularity but also the hard coffee beverages.

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H2O Beer

As far as the trends in the beverage category are concerned, one thing is clear: sugar reduction. Particularly, the younger generation is paying more attention to their health.

H2O Beer is where beer meets water – the beverage contains 50% beer and 50% flavoured mineral water, optionally with functional ingredients and no or low sugar! Still beer – but a healthy option!

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Plant water

The plant water trend is an innovative new beverage concept based mineral water and a plant source with added flavours. Consumers are searching for a drink that is hydrating and tasty, but low in calories and sugar.
Furthermore, the plant water is high in electrolytes, various vitamins and minerals from a natural source (the plant itself). There is a wide variety of plant water to choose from, e,g. coconut, aloe vera,…

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Happy Gut

There is a current movement for better health, including getting more dietary fibre in your diet. A good gut health doesn’t only get the digestion going, but also protects against various diseases. This drink offers a new helping hand in a hectic work schedule for a better diet.

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