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H2O Beer

As far as the trends in the beverage category are concerned, one thing is clear: sugar reduction. Particularly, the younger generation is paying more attention to their health, and not only when it comes to sports!

What is a H2O Beer?
• 50% beer
• 50% mineral water

The healthy aspect of the drink comes not only from the fact that it contains no sugar and thus has fewer calories, but also from the added mineral water. Healthy – and consumers want to drink more of it because of the lightness of the product and its low alcohol content! It’s like the popular summer spritzer, only with beer.

AKRAS Flavours goes one step further and adds extra flavour to the beverage!

H2O Beer of AKRAS:
• 50% beer
• 50% flavoured mineral water
• No added sugar
• Opt: with functional ingredients, e.g. protein

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