“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”

Gamer Drink

With 2.5bn people indulging in videogaming, there is a growing demand for functional drinks particularly developed for Gamers. The right vitamins and sufficient amount of energy to keep them fueled during their gaming sessions!

Gaming is the most popular pastime among by now. The growth of e-sports or video game culture in general also opened new doors for the beverage industry. Gamers need high focus, fast reactions and long periods of concentration with the relevant health and brain food or vitamins. The aim is to develop a functional drink for Gamers – The Gamer Drink.

We at AKRAS Flavours developed a Gamer Drink with provitamin A that contributes to the maintenance of normal vision which is especially important for Gamers, vitamin D and optionally a high amount of caffeine to give people a good boost with flavours that meet the taste of the target group perfectly.

The AKRAS team offers you unusual combinations of high-quality ingredients based on many years of experience, comprehensive ingredient know-how and a thorough knowledge of the market, creating new taste experiences at the highest level. Get in touch with the us to get your sample of your Gamer Drink today and experience a new level of boost to level up your game!