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Happy Gut

Consumers around the world are interested in including more dietary fiber in their diets. According to Mintel, the share of beverages in Europe with the claim “rich in fiber” has more than doubled.

A big key role plays the poor dietary habits of Consumers due to hectic work schedules. This offers new opportunities for beverage manufacturers to develop new products that meet consumers consumption habits, for example like a high-fiber drink.

What are dietary fibers?
Dietary fiber is one of the most important components of a healthy diet. They get the digestion going and can also protect against many diseases. Dietary fibers are largely indigestible food components or long-chain carbohydrates (polysaccharides) that the body’s enzymes cannot break down, so they pass through the digestive tract undigested. They keep you full longer, aid the digestive process and help prevent constipation. The recommended daily amount for an adult is about 30g.

Benefits of dietary fiber:
• Healthy intestinal flora
• Avoids constipation
• Prevents cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, anxiety and depression, etc.
• Dietary fiber binds toxins from food as it “marches” through the body, so they can’t do any harm -> less disease

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