“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”

Freshly Brewed Tea

Health-conscious consumers like to quench their thirst with tap and mineral water, but also with infusions and tea. Currently favoured tea drinks offer full flavour and are not sweetened. Thus, they deliberately stand out from classic iced teas.

The classic iced tea drinks as we know them are losing popularity. Usually, these drinks are produced by concentrating dry or pasty tea extracts that causes the tea to lose its typical taste, which is why the taste has to be masked by adding a lot of sugar and other flavours. This does not happen with freshly brewed tea drinks, which is why they are gaining popularity.

The biggest drivers in the beverage industry for sure are health and wellness. All over the world, consumers are trying to reduce their sugar consumption. As a result, many people are drinking their tea at home without sugar and to meet this taste in the market, they are reaching out for freshly brewed tea drinks in the market instead of traditional iced tea drinks.

When it comes to types of tea – there are almost no limits. You cannot go wrong with the classic tea types such as green tea and black tea, but what is more and more in the coming are special tea types such as yerba mate, guayusa, hibiscus and many more.

We at AKRAS, produce fascinating flavours with refreshing concepts and high-quality ingredients form clear infusions of herbs, tea leaves and fruits so that your customers can experience authentic moments with natural taste. The infusion produces a watery extract, which is created by pouring hot water over plant material. People like to buy drinks with preparation methods such as “aromatic fruit extract”, “with fresh herbal infusion” or “with freshly brewed tea”.

Let us do the refinement of your products. We are here to flavour your drinks with a wide variety of natural tea extracts in a fruity and creative way. Be sure that your drinks will not only convince you but also your customers with all senses.