“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”

Crafted Beverages

Genuine and traditional – that is how Generation Z likes it when it comes to drinks. Brewed soft drinks are characterized by partially fermented or simply brewed ingredients. Thanks to botanicals such as herbs, flowers or roots we create fascinating new taste experiences.

Honest and pure taste from nature – filled in noble, partly reclosable glass bottles. This catches the consumer’s attention. Beverages with exceptional taste, natural ingredients and balanced nutritional values.

We at AKRAS Flavours, offer you innovative product ideas and unusual combinations of high-quality ingredients based on many years of experience, comprehensive ingredient know-how and a thorough knowledge of the market, creating new taste experiences at the highest level.

Crafted Beverages have been very popular for more than 10 years now and the trend will not pass in the upcoming years.  Whether it is flowery, fruity, tart, or however you like it – let us do the job to produce flavours with love to make your drinks shine.