“The food market is dynamic and competitive. Accordingly, consumers have high expectations in terms of refreshment and functionality. We have taken on the task of fulfilling these expectations. With our highly skilled team of beverage technologists, we guarantee innovations, develop successful concepts and enable their implementation in production.”


Whether iced coffee, instant coffee, flavoured coffee or ready-to-go Vegan products: mixed coffee beverages represent a global trend that unites convenience, lifestyle and function.

Coffee, a functional beverage

Coffee contains more than a thousand substances, some of which have still not been chemically decoded. The proportions vary according to coffee variety, growing conditions of the plant and roasting method. Our global presence helps in understanding the local expectations of the consumers. We offer an extensive range of flavours for specific applications.

Everything for your Successful Product

As flavour specialists and experts in delivery systems, we offer a range of coffee applications:

  •  instant coffee flavours (for dry mixtures)
  •  roast flavours (top note flavours)
  •  vegan milk substitutes
  •  liquid natural flavours and extracts
  •  aseptically filled coffee bases
  •  beverage ingredients with coffee extract

Countless Variations with Reliability

Coffee beverages pose special challenges to manufacturing and production. Depending on the production method and the packaging solution, the products must be adapted precisely to any milk components and process parameters. To this end, we conduct production tests in our tech centre. See for yourself!