“The changes in society are also changing consumer demands. We capture this change so that you can be one step ahead with us.”

PET Fruit

Full flavour with low juice concentration and an unbelievable diversity of possible fruit juice combinations – no wonder that the colourful low juice content drinks are so popular. Special, stable ingredients make them a feast for the eyes, even in the transparent PET bottles.

Colourful and fresh, packed in convenient PET bottles: that’s how people like low juice content beverages in both – the non-carbonated and carbonated segments. The challenge here is to create a product that not only looks fabulous, but also has amazing taste! To provide consumers a product that convinces them with all senses, we also add colour and turbidity to the juice,

Our team of beverage technologists offers a range of emulsion-based solutions that ensure a perfect result in terms of both flavour and appearance. The flavour diversity ranges from regional to exotic, from citrus fruits to apples and berries.

Juice with a twist! You cannot go wrong with our fruit flavours. We use high quality ingredients and noble recipes to create perfect products for you. When it comes to the combination of flavours, we take care of various taste perceptions of different consumers so that we can ensure you the perfect taste profile for your customers.

Enjoy our products with all your senses! Fancy, simple, premium, healthy or a good mix – AKRAS Flavours is your reliable partner for your juice!