“The taste of nature is fascinating. We investigate nature with all senses – for your success: Fascinating. Taste. Performance.”

Flavour Creation

We design fascination for the senses

We see flavour creation as an artistic process and as the core focus of the work of our specialized team of flavour analysts and flavourists. We learn daily from the fragrance of nature, and we give our interpretations leeway for different perception.

The beginning of enjoyment

Flavours can be developed from very diverse processes and source materials. The individual flavouring substances, of which more than 5,000 are in use, serve as components of the flavour. Due to standardized high product quality, food production without flavourings is simply inconceivable. In complex compositions, our products lend fascinating and delightful notes to finished foods.

Methodology and technology

State-of-the-art analysis technology in combination with a trained nose and a wealth of experience constitute the source of competitive products. The biggest challenge lies in investigating the authentic naturalness of a flavour.
In order to create a genuine replica of a fragrance or taste, analysts are dedicated to more than the mere detection of volatile substances. The overall interaction between fragrance and taste is decisive for your success.