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MICROSTABILPerformance in Shelf Life

Our MICROSTABIL products are flavours that are encapsulated in a matrix by means of an extrusion process. By doing so, we are able to extend the shelf life of dried foods and decisively improve the taste experience for customers.

Longer shelf life through matrix encapsulation

With our innovative approach, flavour substances are embedded homogeneously in a carrier substance. Our products are distinguished by an extremely long shelf life and an exceptionally homogeneous particle distribution. And as an added plus, process costs are low.

In contrast to processes of agglomeration by compaction or layering, in other words particle structuring by deposition of aromatized powdered flavourings (e.g. SD flavourings), the particles are obtained by cutting extruded solid mass. We are thus able to achieve a stable form of microencapsulation that prevents deterioration of the flavour and development of undesired off-flavours during storage.


MICROSTABIL products are ideally suited for flavouring:

  • instantized beverages and soups
  • compacted products and tablets
  • tea products
  • chewing gum
  • sweets
  • convenience-food