“The food market is dynamic and competitive. Accordingly, consumers have high expectations in terms of refreshment and functionality. We have taken on the task of fulfilling these expectations. With our highly skilled team of beverage technologists, we guarantee innovations, develop successful concepts and enable their implementation in production.”


High-quality and regional tea varieties such as herbal teas or loose-leaf tea are often refined in a traditional manner, for example with spice oils, herbs and essential oils. Tea drinkers worldwide expect the perfect interplay of tea and flavour, which must unfold at just the right moment regardless of the preparation. Our technologists provide consumers with authentic taste experiences in the moment of indulgence.

The key to optimum sensory properties of tea flavours

The quality and timely release of the flavour while drinking tea is decisive for the popularity of the hot beverage. We employ high-tech analysis methods and a sophisticated management scheme for procuring raw materials in order to ensure your success on the market.

Our team of flavourists creates exceptional flavourings for tea applications and conducts intensive research on the characteristics of different tea varieties for this purpose. When it comes to successful products, our extensive knowledge of the fermentation stages of white and black tea and of the geographical particularities of tea are decisive.

Custom solutions for many ways of preparation

Tea lovers worldwide not only demand a variety of choices and exceptional taste experiences, but also convenience in preparation. Diverse types of packaging and applications are common these days. These include infusion tea, vending machines, dispensers or teabags. They all pose different challenges in terms of shelf life and selection of the flavour.

For tea enjoyment in diverse forms, we offer a full assortment of specially encapsulated flavourings and fruit granulates that are ideal for use in your application.

Shelf life as a competitive factor

We are specialists in tea flavouring, which is distinguished by exceptional shelf life with optimum release. Special encapsulation systems are the solution and offer you a competitive advantage in international trade. MICROSTABIL flavour granules unite shelf life, process reliability and taste performance with reasonable flavouring costs. MICROSTABIL flavour granules have an extremely long shelf life, hence even citrus flavours remain protected for more than two years.

Our flavour granules are also free flowing and available in organic quality. We can custom-adapt the particle size according to preferences. We are furthermore able to colour the granules with, for example, natural food extracts.