“The food market is dynamic and competitive. Accordingly, consumers have high expectations in terms of refreshment and functionality. We have taken on the task of fulfilling these expectations. With our highly skilled team of beverage technologists, we guarantee innovations, develop successful concepts and enable their implementation in production.”


With our concepts for functional beverages, we aim to exceed the high expectations of consumers in terms of additional uses or functionality. In collaboration with our customers, our team precisely defines the target group, their needs and the technical implementation. A complex task, in which our experience pays off!

Modern Revitalization

Functional beverages offer added value that go beyond mere refreshment. In addition to micro- and macronutrients, greater emphasis is being placed on so-called botanicals as well as superfruits, or fruits reputed to have special properties.

Our current approaches involve:

  •  Antioxidantive Beverages
  •  Enhanced Waters
  •  O²-Enriched Beverages
  •  Vitamin-Waters
  •  Fat Burning Beverages
  •  Isotonic Sports Drinks

Fat Burning and Vitamin Beverages

Enriched foods are a special growth market. The combination of enriched beverages with new packaging solutions and filling technologies gives rise to intriguing concepts for modern and health-conscious consumers.

The focus is here on vitamin drinks and special beverages for weight control. In all cases a clear communication strategy is essential. Technical properties of the product have to be defined and communicated in a clear way.

Hydration and Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are number 1 in the functional products area. Anyone who exercises for an hour loses water and essential minerals such as sodium, magnesium or calcium.

In order to restore balance to the body and all of its functions, it is important to supply the lacking nutrients fast. The quickest and easiest way to launch your product with our clever concepts for hydration, isotonic and sports drinks.