“The development of custom-made products and taste innovations for the food and beverage industry has been our business for many years. And we are proud of that.”


“Our vision is to become the most flexible customer-orientated flavour house in an ever-changing world of taste.”


“We constantly strive to create fascinating flavours for people around the world with respect for their individual taste and inspire them with new trends ahead of the crowd.”


Dr. Martin Krasny, CEO AKRAS Flavours GmbH

The Pillars of our Corporate Philosophy

We want to inspire you with exquisite flavours and grow with unique products. We think that this information will help you to gain a better understanding of us: the five pillars that govern our business activity.


We want to create new products and tastes.

Our team of experts continues to offer our customers and employees innovative solutions so that they can achieve even better results in the future. The carrying out of customized technical projects is our key to stable growth. In doing so, we orient ourselves toward global diversity and the uniqueness of local needs.


Since 1938, our focus has always been on quality.

We at AKRAS Flavours work continuously on new approaches and solutions for achieving the highest quality in all areas, without compromise. For us, quality means premium ingredients, training and development of our employees, and a functional work environment. We aren’t perfect, but we realize that continuous improvement enables us to progress.


We take the responsibility for our world and for maintaining the environment, in which we live, intact, very seriously.

We routinely monitor the impacts of our activities on the ecosystem in order to minimize pollution. We use raw materials and energy sparingly, and we process and dispose of waste in an eco-friendly manner. For us, recycling is a matter of course. “The Earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry


We work in a transparent manner and with responsibility for safe foods.

Along with general product safety, traceability, allergen management, documentation and the implementation of international food standards are a matter of course for us.


We aim to respond in a flexible manner to the wishes of our clientele and to change.

Thanks to an open-minded attitude and a flexible organization, we are always able to react quickly to market changes.