“The taste of nature is fascinating. We investigate nature with all senses – for your success: Fascinating. Taste. Performance.”


The beverage market is highly competitive and consumers expect solutions that go far beyond good taste. Appealing colour, additional uses and pleasing appearance: consumer requirements for soft drinks are extensive and higher than ever before.

Fulfilling them therefore requires complex beverage technology that guarantees optimum implementation of colour, taste, and of course the stability of a beverage. But that’s not all: optimum sweetening, food acids, water quality and fruit components all play a key role and have substantial influence on the taste and performance of the final product.

Thanks to our specialized knowledge, we not only deliver flavourings and bases, but also functional solutions for your business and market.

What we do

Our focuses lie in the development of colour emulsions, juice bases, sweeteners and solutions thereof that are specifically adapted to the beverage industry. More than eighty years of experience in the production of emulsions and juice-based beverage bases is something that you can taste!